10 Funny Shades of Donald Trump


Donald J Trump is just a different kind of president for the USA. In his conversations as a keen listener, you may not fail to hear how he captivates his audiences by using humor and satire. Not belittling his speeches it can also be noted how he uses the same to engage his fellow politicians completely disrupting the political arena during the campaign period. Due to his choice of language, we have all had a fair share of Trump’s funny moment, but the following are the of Donald Trump funny moments.


This guy has zero chills on no one, Obama not being an exceptional. These happened during his campaign when he mentioned about Obama’s grades in school. This caught his campaigners unaware when he referred to the sitting president as a terrible student both at Columbia and Harvard. This did not auger well with fighters against racism. But it was funny anyway. At the same time through his Twitter account, he made fun about the “death” of the state of a director in charge of Obama’s birth certificate.


For a man who faces endless online fights especially on Twitter, most of his tweets elicit comical significance. First, he referred to the women he worked with on The Apprentice show as being flirty with him consciously and unconsciously. Apart from that, he took to twitter to air his sarcastic thoughts on former Apple owner Late Steve Jobs about how he has been his fan since the Failing of Apple’s stock exchange. How do you make fun about failing stock exchange?


Time and again, Trump has always poked the media, and his comments have completely been made fun of through memes that circulate through the social media. He has mainly made fun that as Long as you have got a beautiful, young piece of ass, the media can write about it even if it is of no importance.

Trump about his body. It is always uncommon to find men describing and being happy about their bodies publicly. But this is Trump for all of us anyway. At a gathering, Trump proudly bragged about how long and beautiful his fingers are going ahead to also say the same about his other parts of the body.
Trump is annoyingly funny. You might hate him but what he says will make you laugh yourself out. During the winter, being cold and all snowy Trump suggests that America needs Global warming. Global warming? As if this would bring all the heat required and melt all the snow.

Trump has continuously made fun about other candidates regarding how they lack a taste for women. Moreover about how honest he is with everyone around him. Referring that as the difference between him and them.


We all have blonde moments so has Trump. At a Republican Hindu coalition he claimed to be a fan of the Hindu yet, he implied that the Indian’s parliament is in Mumbai which is not the Case.
It was quite a show when “Melania “plagiarized” Mitchell Obama’s speech. Unfortunately for Trump, it was funny how the media gave her more publicity, yet the press is supposed to be good press. Assuming Hillary’s leaked emails that could jeopardize America. It was also a moment when Jimmy Fallon interviewed Trump as Trump. Who was very able to bring out the real Trump? These were quite funny for the viewers and Trump.


Trump bragging about his great Twitter account, which can be used to make his enemies speak the truth. He always makes fun on his Twitter handle that has 24.6 Million followers. In conclusion, Trump has had a whole lot of funny moments, but the ten above are just a compilation of Donald Trump funny moments.