Building the strength you need is a lot like knocking down a house. You can go at it with a hammer you pick up at the hardware store or use a wrecking ball. What do you think will take less time? Compound exercises are the wrecking ball of your exercise routine. If you know what exercises to do, you can show significant results when it comes to building strength and muscle mass. Below we cover 3 compound exercises you should be doing.

1. The Squat

Love it or hate it, the squat leads to some pretty impressive muscle gains. An excellent compound exercise, you end up training many different parts of your body. You can train your gluts by focusing on keeping hips far back with feet wide and low bar or train primarily your quad by focusing on feet shoulder width apart and bar high.

2. The Bench Press

Another popular favorite, bench press come up again and again in reviews of the top exercises because they work. Even with the basic bench press or pushup exercise, you can work out a lot of different muscle groups. A great choice under the category of horizontal push and pulls, the bench press will give parts of your body the full workout they need to grow and strengthen. It is also can be an awesome addition to your tricep / bicep day. No matter what kind of workout you’re planning, the bench press should be on your list.

3. The Deadlift

The deadlift is our last suggestion for increasing your overall strength. Working your Erector Spinae, Rectus Abdominis, Quadriceps, Glutes, and Trapazoids, the deadlift will help provide an all-around strength building exercise. Variations of the deadlift add increased difficulty as well as expand the compound nature of the deadlift, such as the sumo deadlift and the stiff-legged deadlift. Regardless, be aware that execution and positioning is vital if you want to do the deadlift correctly and not risk injury.

While the above 3 compound exercises include our top choices, you may find that you and your body work well with other exercises. Regardless of what you ultimately settle on, make sure it covers a wide range of muscles in your body and leaves you injury free. Additionally, try increasing your muscle performance, development and recovery with a creatine monohydrate supplement while also making sure to eat enough protein throughout the day. Always remember to keep a good form when performing compound exercises as this will safe guard you from injury and allow you to leave the gym feeling good and ready to continue your day.

Try pushing your limits with a creatine supplement and make sure you are eating enough protein throughout the day.

Push your limits slowly and ensure that you leave feeling good and ready to continue your day.