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The mission of LiteWords.com is to provide quality information about Health & Fitness. Now being healthy requires a two-pronged strategy; Following a healthy diet and a consistent physical activity to keep you away from hospital. Here at LiteWords.com we strive to research new and informative topics on health and produce rich articles.

Health wasn’t a major concern in past primarily due to the diet and active life style of the people. Food doesn’t harm until you keep burning calories. Two major activities providing necessary physical activity are shopping and leisure. In past Shopping required moving around in markets looking for best items at best prices. Leisure was only in physical sports. Unfortunately technology has taken away both of them from us. Don’t take us wrong, technology has made our lives easier, we are not against it. But the availability of literally everything at online stores has restricted us from physical shopping. Now we shop at the click of a button. Similarly sports are replaced by interesting Game apps. So we end up just sitting around accumulating health risks associated with the lack of physical activity.

We at LiteWords.com aim to spread health awareness by creating interesting and engaging content on Health & Fitness. We provide health values of the same food that we consume in our daily lives. So by knowing which food is better for health, you are more comfortable consuming it. Unfortunately Health & Fitness is a boring topic. But if you are looking for interesting information and tips on the topic, you have landed at the right page.

LiteWords.com Team

Litewords.com is run by a group of Health Enthusiasts. The team is composed of health-crazy software engineers. The team-members’ mission is to provide enthralling information on health to the readers. The details of the team are given below:

Chief Editor:

            Mr.Jessan: Reviews and edits the content for publishing.


        Miss.Susan: The brain behind the content. Researches the topics and writes interesting articles.

Web Manager

            Mr.Robert: Manages the technical side of the website to keep it alive for the readers.

Please Note: We understand that Health is personal issue. We have defined a Privacy Policy to protect your privacy.

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