Amazon Customer care service for Amazon Marketplace

Amazon refers to an e-commerce and cloud computing organization in America. The headquarters of Amazon is in Seattle, Washington. It is known as the largest retailer over the internet in the USA. In early days, just sold online books which are also called E-books. But presently they are selling DVD’s of games / software, furniture, electronic devices, jewelry and gadget based toys. Amazon is also very famous in the production of consumer electronic items such as kindle e-book reader, fire TV, Fire Phone / tablet and largest worldwide cloud service provider. Amazon-Basic is the in-house brand of Amazon which produces and sells low-end items like USB cable etc.

Day by day the business of Amazon is uplifting that’s why they have separated the website access for USA, UK, Australia, China, India, Canada, Italy, Japan, and Germany due to heavy traffic on their retailer websites. Through this measurement, they will control the web traffic and provide the quick access to the website to their users. Amazon also provides the International shipping offers to many countries for some of its specific products.

In the market for innovations and innovative ideas the participation of Amazon is extraordinary and exceptional. They have created many unique ideas which are not only innovative as well as very helpful for mankind. In the busy work routine, no one has enough time to explore stuff by traveling to the shops and do window shopping so for convenience Amazon launched Marketplace. At the Marketplace, anyone can sell or buy stuff all over the world online. It also enables us to start a free business by using Amazon platform without a listing fee. Just add the product / item on Amazon’s profile with right features and sell it to millions of customers right away.

In the start, the Marketplace was very complicated. It was an Auction based setup and very low number of customers came and attends it. They altered the Auction type setup into zShops, which was not much different just like a fixed price edition of Auction. Unfortunately, zShops also did not gather the customer’s attentions. Then they transformed the zShop into Marketplace and that was a big hit. They called Marketplaces as signal detail page (SDP) internally. The idea of Marketplace is our most valuable products are sold by the third party sellers to the customers. This way of selling is more convenient for our customers. Now third party sellers are sold more than 40% of our units worldwide. In the case of any problem regarding Marketplace, anyone can call on Amazon customer service number.

Amazon customer care provides the best customer care service to their customers. The website address of care service is and Amazon customer service phone number is also available which will be mentioned later. For the convenience of their precious customers, they have provided the category based customer care service. The customer just has to select the category according to his / her problem and ask them for issues. Amazon care service providers respond very quickly and resolve the issue very efficiently. Sometimes customers do not know the exact issue what he / she is facing so problem categories become very helpful in such cases. Amazon customer service number is +1 888-280-4331.