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Boost Customer Care

Boost Mobile Customer Service – Introduction:

Peter Adderton originated BOOST MOBILE in 2000 in New Zealand and Australia. Two sovereign mobile operators from Australia and the United States use Boost Mobile which deals in the provision of wireless services. Boost Tel Pty Limited functions as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator with the use of Telstra network in Australia. In the United States, Sprint Corporation is the parent to Boost Worldwide Inc. and has its headquarters in Irvine, California. Boost customer care services are functioning with a mission that they will continue to upright the wrong things across the wireless connections so that their customers would not have to compromise on the issues and are focusing on boost mobile customer service for meeting the mission.

Boost Customer Care Services – Products:

Boost Mobile is prized with an award for the provision of easy-to-understand and springy wireless services and products with no-contract facilities. Boost Mobile understands its customers as worthy and gives valuable wireless connections without contractual basis using the Sprint 4G LTE network across the nation. It reaches to greater than 225 million individuals and without the dues for long distances.

  1. Customers’ convenience:

Boost Mobile eases its customers with simplicity, unlike other mobile operators. It provides with cool and comprehensive packages comprises infinite talk times, texts and data facilities beginning at 35 dollars a month only. Boost Mobile, moreover streamlines the shopping practice by the provision of monthly plans on their all phones. This saves the monthly premiums paid for smartphones by the customers.

  1. Where to buy:

Boost customer care services makes things easy to buy. The products are available at the stores throughout the country which includes best Buy, Walgreens and Walmart, Kmart-Sears, Family Dollar, RadioShack, Target, sovereign wireless dealer locations, and on HSN which is a leading TeleVision home shopping network. Re-boost cards are also available all over the United States at locations.

  • Available options:

Customers can choose any 4G LTE mobile phones which can be Android or Blackberry devices, affordable basic mobiles from other manufacturers like Kyocera, Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC, or QWERTY messaging phones.

  1. Online presence:

Customers can reach Boost Mobile on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook. With the presence on social media, boost mobile has really made it very convenient for its subscribers to reach the service at any time round the clock, seven days a week.

  1. Boost is present on Facebook:

With a massive following of around 1.4million users. Similarly, on twitter, boost mobile is followed by over 108k subscribers. Likewise, boost mobile is present on almost every social media platform and is open for business and customer services.

On Facebook, company’s official page is known for its quick response to its messages. Facebook page is also very much open to comments and activities on the social media posts. Company’s twitter account is also quite responsive to customers.

Boost customer care service representatives:

Since some time, Boost subscribers had been having a tough time reaching the human contact for boost mobile customer service. This was addressed by the company and a massive social media campaign was launched for letting masses know of the ways and toll-free number on which boost mobile representatives could be reached.

Some of the numbers and their purposes are described below.

  • Customer care:

Boost customer care can be reached by dialing 888-266-7848 from your boost mobile. Once the message starts playing in English, follow following number strokes 5>2>4. Have a little patience while browsing through the call menu options. After a while when you are prompted to talk to a boost mobile representative, press 0 followed by 2. This will connect you directly to the customer services representative.

Note: This helpline is available for all the inquiries and guidance which customers might seek. This is operational between 7am and 11pm seven days a week.

  • Customer services:

Boost mobile customer service can be reached at 866-434-6295. Customer services are open to customer inquiries all-around the week and can be approached at any time.

  • Technical Support:

Technical support plays a pivotal role in retaining the customer base, especially for the technology related business environments. This mainly includes telecom sector. Boost mobile technical support can be easily reached at 866-402-7366.

Technical guidelines for Boost customer care services:

Here are the guidelines for talking to a technical support representative at boost mobile.

Once the call is connected, browse through the menu option using following numbers. 5>2>4>0. You will have to be patient during the call as it may take the time to connect to the real-time technical support representative. Hopefully, all your issues shall be addressed and resolved once you are connected.

Online interaction with public:

Since the time, there have been problems with boost mobile customer service, blogs, and social media are filled with relevant information. Boost may be operating this campaign to let people know that they can still reach boost mobile via any channel they feel comfortable with. May this be calls or emails.

Online presence of boost also includes the Facebook and twitter. People have seen to be interacting with boost mobile on these channels also. On Facebook boost has 1.7 million followers. All the inquiries are attended by boost within minutes. It is a very interactive channel. Some people also mentioned this in blogs for helping out the other fellows and people are having a good opinion about it.

Twitter has also some similar stories to be told. 108k followers on twitter can also reach boost mobile via their tweets and company are seeming to have attended to their issues. Almost all of the tweets are responded instantaneously. This was mentioned by some of the bloggers.


Other than Facebook and twitter, the company has an online presence at tumbler, youtube, and Instagram as well. Here the company is interacting with all the customers and users. It definitely makes the Boost customer care services better and faster. With telephonic helplines, emails, websites and presence on all the social media forums, boost mobile customer service can be easily top ranked. Its responsiveness on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts gives the company a unique advantage when it comes to customer services.

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