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Boost mobile is a brand which is operated by two different operators one is in the USA and the other in Australia. They provide services in wireless telecommunication in both countries. Basically, it’s a private company which was started by Ben Gashi in year two thousand like sixteen years ago at the time its headquarter was in Sydney, Australia with the name “Boost Tel Pty Limited”. In 2001, Boost Worldwide was established as a Subsidiary of Tel Pty in the United States under the umbrella of Sprint Corporation which was the parent company of Boost Worldwide.

Boost mobile is called the pioneer of text messages cellular packages because in the year 2010 for the first time they started a text messaging package, the mission of that campaign is to get the attention of people towards Boost mobile. The First ever cellular text message campaign offer was in one dollar get a hundred texts messages. This campaign was hardly criticized by an Australian television show. They reported this text messaging campaign as the marketing strategy to earn the attention of people and get acceleration in business development, but Boost mobile denied it. This criticism did not produce much impact on the business of Boost mobile, in fact, this campaign accelerates the business of Boost mobile.

Boost mobile got the attention of teenage people and adults of young age; the main focus of Boost mobile was to advertise brand via sports, music and lifestyle and that is the best passion of young people. In the start of marketing campaign boost mobile started with walkie-talkie feature which was installed in boost mobiles handsets, after that they upgraded it with the new feature called Social GPS application. The social GPS application was not installed in old cellular devices so anyone who wanted to get this app should have to buy the latest boost mobile phone (which supports that selected mobile phone). This GPS app was mostly used by the car drives to get the current location of the passenger.

Boost mobile network is not capable of selling SIM cards but from the effect of November 2015 boost mobile phones support LTE network of Sprint’s. SIM cards are not sold by Boost mobile and also they restrict the purchase of third party cell phones on to their network like Nexus five or six.

Boost mobile customer service is one of the best service is USA and Australia. The customer care number of Boost Mobile is 888-266-7848. Under the umbrella of care services Boost mobile provides the services like customer support, resolution of issues, customer care, billing, ask questions, sales, and other customer problems. Boost mobile also provides expert tools like “we resolve it for you” and “we guide you”. The customer services calling hours are Monday to Friday 4 am to 8 pm and Saturday to Sunday 4 am to 7 pm.

The common issues which are mostly faced by the boost mobile customers are:-

How to unlock boost mobile handset without PIN?

How to get support regarding services problem in the certain area?

Support required in case of Lost PUK code.

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