A Complete Analysis of Simple Mobile Customer Service

Simple Mobile Customer Service

Simple Mobile Customer Service – Introduction

Simple Mobile operates as a prepaid mobile network. It has its headquarters in Irvine, California in the United States. It was taken over during June 2012 by America Movil which is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless Inc. Around greater than 2 and a half million subscribers has been activated by Simple Mobile since they came into being in November 2009. They are involved in the provision of data services, wireless voice and messaging in the United States under T-Mobile United States Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Simple Mobile Customer Service is very much appreciated by customers.

Simple mobile customer service – Products

This Mobile operator offers infinite local and international text and talks time starting at just $25.00. The company proposes 4G plans by the brands offering LTE networks and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ service. Simple Mobile provides wireless broadband, intercontinental calling deals, and other service packages, particularly for the Blackberry gadgets. The Simple Machine Company has another service for its customers as BRING YOUR OWN PHONE where the consumers associate SIMPLE Mobile SIM card along with the connection plan to the customer’s own T-Mobile GSM connection. The subscriber has to bear no cost at all for the international text messages as the unlimited plans offer this feature. The Simple Mobile service connections and SIM cards are available on their website and through domestic dealers.

Simple mobile is dealing in the provision all type of telecommunication services. This includes data, text messages, calls and cell phones. Users can choose from a wide variety of options to buy from for their requirements. Most of the plans come with the unlimited texts, data and calls based on some terms and conditions. Simple mobile is also involved in the provision of cell phones as well.

Up we go – again

ReUp is the top up option offered by the simple mobile. This can be done by various methods. These include credit card payments, debit card payments, online banking channels and also the top up vouchers. Top up vouchers are available at a wide variety of outlets around the country.

Customers’ convenience

Simple Mobile focuses on the ease of its customers. This is achieved by focusing on the simplicity of a business model which is often missed by other mobile networks. One can easily get an unlimited supply of monthly data, text messages, and calls for as low as $20 per month. Simple mobile also simplifies the deals for customers by offering the mobile plans which also include handsets. This is very much liked by the customers as they have to pay nominal amount for the handsets

Where to buy

Simple mobile products, including sim cards and mobile phones, are widely available across all the countries in all major retails stores and chains. The noticeable chains include RadioShack, Family Dollar, Best Buy, Walmart, Walgreens, and HSN. The top up cards, by the name of ReUp, are also available in abundance throughout the country.

Customers can choose any 4G LTE mobile phones which can be Android or Blackberry devices, affordable basic mobiles from other manufacturers like Kyocera, Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC, or QWERTY messaging phones.

Online presence

Simple mobile is reachable by customers on Instagram, FaceBook, and youtube. The company has a massive number of followers on the social media and its presence on social media has made it very convenient for the customers to interact with the company for any issues they are facing.

Simple mobile is available on facebook with over 100k followers. Company’s page is very interactive and offers online shopping facility. Simply mobile has been posting updates regarding all the products and services. New promotions are also posted on the page. Customers can interact anytime with a facebook page and their inquiries are responded to within minutes. This is done both by comments and messages. Facebook page has played a central role in the Simple Mobile Customer Service.

Twitter has also witnessed the online presence of simple mobile. This is also another very useful platform for the customers to interact with the company regarding various points and issues they ae facing. Twitter is also used for the promotions and launch of new products. Such products include both cellular service, handsets and a combination of both. Like facebook, Simple mobile customer service is largely dependent on twitter as well.

In addition to this, the company also has an official channel on youtube through which latest media regarding offers and promotions is launched. This is also used by the customers for communication with the company.

Customer Service

Simple mobile also offers access to its customers through toll-free numbers. These are 1-877-878-7908. These numbers are operational from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm. Another media of reaching customer service is texting HELP to 611611. Company’s website has a Contact Us section which can also be used by the customers for all type of customer supports, customer care, and technical assistance. Simple mobile customer service is always open for customers

In addition to this, company’s office is also open for all the customer related inquiries. Simple mobile customer service can also be reached by visiting the regional office operating all around the country. Written correspondence is also replied by the company.


Simple mobile has provided a number of ways for customers to interact with them. This includes all types of inquiries. Social media, notable FaceBook, twitter, and YouTube are notable channels for the company to interact with its customer base.

Since simple mobile is operating in a highly technical and customer oriented environment, it is paramount for them to have a strong customer service program. Simple mobile customer service is among the top services in the sector and is highly appreciated by the customers. It also plays an important role in attracting new customer and retaining existing customer base. Facebook and other social media accounts are also very much appreciated by people. This is to note that customer service plays a vital role in the success of any business and simple mobile seems to have done it very beautifully.

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