How Many Calories in Grapes – A Complete Guide


This article will discuss how many calories in grapes but before this, I would like to explain what grapes are. Grapes, a seasonal fruit is considered best as the fibrous fruit. They come in different colors; green, black and red. All these can be used in making jams or/and wine. Grapes are added in fruit salads and other dishes to enhance the taste.

Types of grapes:

 Black grapes have different level of calories as compared to red and green. The calorie count mentioned below is of one and a half cup. There is another factor which determines the calorie. That is the further classification of the grapes. Black and red grapes found in California have dissimilarity with grapes from other places in or outside America.

Factors which determines the change in calories:

Calories change as per the form. Grapes with skin and seeds have different count of calories and compared to without seed or skin. Another factor is based on the solidity and liquid form.

How many calories in grapes (black):

  • Carbohydrates in black grapes: These type of grapes have 90 calories in one and a half cup of helping. These calories come directly from carbohydrate. However, other nutrition play their role in the fortitude too.
  • Fiber: One percent of fiber is found in the black grapes.
  • Sugar and glucose: 23 to 24 grams of sugar and glucose is there in black grapes. Out of which, mainly is fructose.
  • Protein: this type of grapes does not have any calorie from protein.
  • Fat: One gram of fat is also there in the black grapes.

Nutritional facts about red grapes:

There is not a single founding of cholesterol or fat in red grapes and are of low calories. To be precise there are only 104 calories in a cup of red grapes. However, there is one gram of fiber and protein. Total, 27 grams is of carbohydrates out of which a good portion of 23 grams is derived from sugar. How many calories in grapes (red) are:

  • Red grapes are known for the source of vitamins. Vitamin C presence is of 16 mg. Vitamin K in red grapes is 22 mcg. Small portion of Vitamin E, A, and B is also present in grapes.
  • Abundance of minerals is also found in red grapes.
  • Potassium 288 mg
  • Copper 0.2 mg
  • Iron 0.5 mg
  • Manganese 0.1 mg
  • Red grapes also contain calcium, selenium, zinc and magnesium.
  • Another nutritional fact of red grapes is resveratrol. This is an antioxidant which is hidden in the peel of grapes.

Health benefits of grapes:

Grapes is more like a safeguard to ensure the less potency of catching chronic diseases. It helps in treating cancer, major heart concerns, hypertension, allergies of all sorts, digestive system diseases and medical conditions, diabetes and acne.

Cancer is tapered and warded off by grapes because of the antioxidants. Polyphenol in grapes reduces the level of heart attacks and cardiovascular problems. Potassium also assists in taking care of heart diseases. Due to the high amount of fiber in grapes, it treats constipation.

Last verdict:

All in all, the answer to how many calories in grapes nutritional value of both black and red, even green is astonishing. Therefore, it should become the part of the daily diet keeping the amount of intake in mind.