First Merit Online Banking

First Merit Online Banking

Characteristics of First Merit:

First Merit online banking enables its customers to utilize the power of Online Banking.

  • The customers can easily access to their financial information through internet.
  • Customers can easily get a clearer picture of the movements in the account.
  • They can easily use their fund to pay for anything they want which gives them more freedom.
  • They can easily pay their bills at any time.
  • They just require a compatible machine whether a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone, to utilize this service. It also enables the customers to apply for the credit as well.

All these features are just on the fingertips of the customer.

Procedure of Online Bill Payment:

The basic functionality of this online banking is the payment of the bills. You don’t need a paper check to pay your payments anymore. Here is the complete procedure of First Merit online banking:

  1. Login to your account and provide further specific information regarding the bill, and click pay.
  2. Paying Bills through this online system actually saves your stamp cost.
  3. This bill payment service from your home or any convenient place is free of charge.
  4. This saves your energy, time and travelling cost.
  5. This bill payment can be done through any type of internet connection.
  6. There are no restrictions on how many bills you can pay, it is an unlimited service.
  7. You can also manage and schedule your payments.
  8. First Merit provides its customers an alert system so that they many know the exact due dates of the bills.
  9. Environmentally speaking, this online payment of bills is very favorable.
  10. It obsoleted the usage of paper checks as you can easily pay them online.
  11. You can manage your funds more efficiently.
  12. This online bill payment service is a revolutionary service in the e-commerce industry.

Other Services:

There are various benefits of First Merit online banking assures that every customer avails this wonderful opportunity to save their precious time.

  • First Merit provides the Account services to their customers through this Online Banking system.
  • Customer can easily request at any time to get the access to the financial information.
  • Customers can easily demand the bank to provide them the copy of their bank statement.
  • They can get the online copy of the checks written by them.
  • Any check that has been deposited in the customer’s account can be retrieved online.
  • Customer can also get their extra checks online as well.
  • One important feature of this Online Banking is the editing of your information.
  • You don’t need to visit the branch instead just login to your account and process it online.
  • You can make any sort of contact with the bank by filling an online form. Customers can also easily pay loan payments on timely basis.


Online Banking has opened a wide new path for the customers to use their funds in more dynamic way. This First Merit online banking is very effective for the customers as it allows them to use their money on their own will. Safety of this online banking system is assured by the bank and most of their customers are using this phenomenal portal.