Fun Games to Play Over Text

Love starts to fade with time. One of the main reasons why committed individuals prefer to remain in touch through text messages. Spicing up the relationship is pretty easy yet time consuming at times. That is one of the most powerful reason to drift the relationship from love to milder version. However, fun games to play over text messages is one of the many ways to bring charm in the relationship.

Treasure Hunt:

Playing a treasure hunt at parties in the childhood are some of the most pleasurable memories. That is the way we used to find treasure hidden in the specific area. We have this game as an adult game as well.

You can go to different places and keep a slip in a basket or bowl. That slip can be hidden behind the cushion, etc. too. After placing all the slips, and going at the back seat in his/her favorite restaurant, you can text your significant other to go and find first clue to the treasure surprise. Once the person completes the task, and replies to you, the next step could be to follow the next clue till he/she enters the restaurant. The place where you’d be waiting for him/her with flowers, card and Champaign.

This game can have many other modifications. Instead of picking a restaurant, you can sit in a park and wait for him to get to you. Or the other option could be to find the person in the middle of a party.

Love in the Air:

Creating a love story for your partner in crime through text messages is another way of indulging him/her in the romance. This game works pretty well when there is a need to fill the gap created between two. What you can do is to ask each other questions which remind each other of long forgotten memories.

Another twist or variation of the game can be based on creating a story where girl or boy starts off with a sentence. The second person completes the sentence or makes another one to create a meaningful story.

For example:

The girl sends text message: there I met a handsome guy

And the boy replies: who was already interested in someone

And so on…

Guess it Right!!

One of the best known and popular fun games to play over text messages is WOULD YOU PICK or guess it right. Here the game is more about knowing the personality of the partner. It is also to get along with the different mind sets, likes, dislikes, etc.

How can you initiate the game? You give couple of choice in the start to the partner and ask what the right guess is. Or if he/she already knows about the answer. To make it sound more fun, you can give options in a very puzzled manner. Instead of giving the complete and straight answers, you can make it more twisted.

For example: you ask the partner to tell your favorite color. And give apple, banana and egg-plant for the options. To make it tough you can give the following options:

  • For yellow: picnic with a beautiful sun and deep blue sea.
  • For blue: sun with the clearest water around the place.

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