Functionality and Perks of Straight Talk Phone Number


Straight talk phone number and its functionality?

Straight Talk is a mobile service company that revolutionized the mobile market by providing phones on the best available network without paying the expenses. You can save a lot of money through conducting your purchase by the Straight Talk.

  • On Straight Talk, you can find any model of phone that you are seeking. The prices are reasonably low as compared to other mobile supplier. Through the online service, you can find the available phones as per your zip code.
  • You can a lot of money through the offer of No-Contract plans.
  • The coverage area of Straight Talk is almost 99.6% of the entire United States. Very few places are not covered by the Straight Talk.
  • The replacement of Landline Phone is also provided by the Straight Talk.
  • There are different service planes available like in the $30, you will get the unlimited amount of texting and 100 MB of Data. Other plans include the $45, in which you will get the unlimited texting, talking time, and data. The 60-dollar plan will give the International package with unlimited international and national texts, talk time and data package.

How to save through Straight Talk phone number?

  • You can save a lot of money by bringing your phone to the Straight Talk.
  • There are lot of phone model that are compatible with the Straight Talk.
  • You can check the compatibility through the online portal so that you save time.
  • Next, you will need to purchase the activation kit and appropriate service plan. The kit is comprised of the Sim card or the network code so as to connect your phone to the Straight Talk. The price of the Straight Talk activation kit is around $0.99.
  • After getting the kit and plan, you need to activate your phone to work with the Straight Talk. You have the option to either retrieve your previous number or get a new one. The procedure of activation is very simple as it can be done online. There is an activation page on the website of the Straight Talk.

The Reason to Choose Straight Talk phone number:

Benefits of Straight Talk is incomparable to other services. Following are the reasons to consider the Straight Talk.

  • Straight Talk provides the best phones in the market as well the network services at the low prices.
  • The packages are very reasonable and affordable for the customers.
  • Straight Talk has a strong association with the TracFone Wireless Incorporation.
  • Another reason to consider Straight Talk is because of its wide customer base. Around 25 million are using the services of Straight Talk.


Straight Talk phone number is the supplier of the great phones and the best services at a very low prices. The quality of service is also very subtle. There is no compromise in providing the support to the customers. It can be concluded that the options available by the Straight Talk are wide and help many people regarding their phones.