Games to Play over Text with Guys


This is an era where technology has taken another level. The escalated fact of the cellular phones moving to smart phones has made many in depression. But guess what? People even today, in the fast paced tech world, prefers to use obsolete cellular devices. However, the reason to it could be based on: age, affordability, and understanding of the gadget and sophisticated means of passing the message across. Not negating the fact that the gadgets have their own take in each person’s life separately. In short, features like games are available in old cells phones too. Games to play over text with guys is pretty fun keeping the old phone sets in mind.

Six Best Games to Play over Text Messages:

We are sure that you are reading this article to find out fun ways of playing mature games with guys. Revival of souls, relationships, friendships and any sort of simplicity can be unleashed through one or more of the games mentioned here. What we know is we are giving ideas to make the game interesting.

However, modification and variation can improve the game. All you need to do is to make rules and start the game. Also, in addition to that, we are not responsible for the consequences and reactions of what these games can bring.


  1. Location:

Messages are love when it comes to games like guessing the location. This particular game is similar to I SPY. What is different between two are the things or places your opponent/s guess. Location game can be played in a number of ways by setting different rules prior beginning the game.

Possible Rules for “Location”:

Possible suggestions for the game are mentioned below:

  • The opponents are given only fixed number of trials.
  • You can only pick the location in the fixated area, county or city. Or can select any place in the world.
  • Places can be real which means they are where you actually are. And also where you have been in the past. Or are planning to visit in near future.
  • Besides these rules, there can be another one based on the categories one can choose from.

Method of playing:

  1. You think of a place or the place you actually are.
  2. Opponent/s will guess the answer by asking questions.
  3. They can ask questions related to it in either way: open and rhetoric ones or more towards the detailed answers.
  4. You can also make sure if the guess is right within 5 or set number of tries or not.
  5. As soon as the person guesses the answer, he is given points.

Note: Location is a game for guys who are really out going and fun loving. It has to start from messages like: guess where am I? Etc.

Never-Have-I-Ever2. Never Have I Ever:

Another game which is equally liked by guys and gals, bring more energy in sexuality and friendship. Never Have I Ever is a game which is best for live presence in the romantic ambiance but you can play it over the text messages too. Like in the previous game, you have to make rules before starting it.

How to Play the Game?

  1. You think about an act which you haven’t done in the past.
  2. The opponent/s matches the sentence with his/her past experiences.
  3. If the person has done that in past, he or she has to come up with the proof. Also in that case, he will be given a point.
  4. It goes on till ten never have I sentences are completed.
  5. The total points determines the winner.

Note: Never have I ever is a game for all those who want to learn about their boyfriend, friend, guy friend or anyone else.

Story-Time3. Story Time:

Collaborative writing is one of the best games which can be played through text messages. What happens in this game is based on mutual thinking pattern. As we know this is one of the ways to formulate stories in earlier classes of English, it becomes easy to relate. Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to play this game, you can definitely learn it in two minutes.

Rules of the Game:

  1. Rules may include the turns, structure of a sentence, and usage of vocabulary.
  2. The exact number of sentences in the entire story can be fixated too.
  3. You can bring two or more participants and enjoy the game.

How to Play?

Naturally there is a start to the game. Guys are requested to come up with a sentence in continuation to what had been sent to other participants. Moreover, what is required is the connection of story leading to climax and then resolution.


For example the first participant messages: it was a fine sunny day when he met a girl.

The second participant may come up with anything like: the girl was wearing purple deep neck shirt with black heels.

And then the story moves on to the complication, climax and solution.


4. 20 Questions Session:

One of the other famous games to play over text with guys and gals is “ANSWER SESSION”. You require minimum one and any number in maximum to play this game. Like I SPY and LOCATION this game also comforts the level of friendship. What are benefits of this game? Well, to be honest there are several hidden aims of the game.

Primarily, it helps in understanding the psychology and thinking of a person. How? It gives the chance to know the preferences over something to another which may determine the reason. Those reasons can help in knowing the symbolism enabling to understand the person.

How to Play the Game?

  1. You think of an object.
  2. And allocate 20 questions to the opponent team members to guess the object.
  3. Once the questions are asked, you can either tell the answer or take a point.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind is you have to answer each and every question there and then. You certainly don’t have to let the opponent ask all 20 questions in a go.
  5. If you want to make it tougher, what you can do is to restrict questions to 10 or 5.

Note: Complexity can be increased according to the age group.

Quotes text game


Knowledge games to play over text include “QUOTES”. This is all based on quotes from any movie, dialogue of a character, lyrics of a song, etc. You will certainly love the game because it will bring old memories and will also help in assessing the source or origin of the dialogue.

How to Play?

  1. You text a quote from any movie, character, song, etc.
  2. The opponent will guess from which movie, character, song, etc. it is taken from.
  3. The person will get two or three chances to guess the right answer.
  4. Once he/she finds the correct answer, he will be given a point. If not then you can deduct the point. In this point, you can twist and turn the rules.
  5. Later, after calculating the scores, the winner will be given a surprise gift. It can also end in any other way (for example: throwing a party, going out for picnic, etc.).
  6. You can also add a gift for the winner.

Note: there can be number of variations in the game. For example, participants will not be allowed to use any quote from just any random movie. The task may come with a package to come up with the quote. If it says tomb raider then the opponent will only be allowed to come up with the quote said by Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft).

names texting game

6. Name Game:

Games to play over messages are fun when they are about names. This is one of those games which we have been playing from the childhood till date. Playing it indeed brings joy but it remains present for very short time. Anyways, so here is how it is played.

How to Play?

  1. Think of a name, this could be anything from a very simple object like pen to a very complicated word like cartography.
  2. The next opponent will think of a name of anything starting from the last letter of the given word.
  3. It goes on and on and on till you get tired.
  4. You can also add points to make the game more interesting.
  5. If so, then the person who collects more points will win the game.
  6. You can also bring variation in the game by adding few rules. Those may include specified movie or let’s say dialogue which has the last letter.
  7. This will enable thinking power to become more active and help in knowing the depth of information.


Known games to play over text messages are not fixated to these six. There are many more which are famous for the main reasons of getting to know about the other person and to kill time. There are other goals too which you can achieve by playing text messages. In short, it is totally how well you are in getting to getting familiarize with the nature and routine, etc.