Apple is the most famous fruit and it is easily available in fruit shops in all seasons with different kinds. According to research, there is hardly a person who does not like apple. People intake apple with many styles like apple shake, peeled off skin, juice and used in fruit cocktail. Especially kid’s love apple due to its crunchy and juicy taste. It is also very beneficial for growing kids because it increases the hunger and control the growth rate.

Apple is enriched with a heavy amount of vitamins and fibers. It is very useful for those who want to lose weight or want to maintain their physic. It also helps in food digestion, cure of constipation and other stomach related diseases. Medically it is proven that Apple juice with few drops of lemon can increase the number of white blood cells which behave as the defensive system of the body against diseases.  Apple is also very effective for high blood pressure patients because it has a small amount of potassium which is very helpful in controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Many people who are conscious about their health and fitness mostly ask “ how many calories in an apple ? ” we cannot exactly answer this question because it depends upon the weight of an apple like roughly one hundred gram of an apple contains fifty to fifty-three calories.  Total fats in an apple are about 0.2 grams, cholesterol zero milligrams, amount of Sodium one milligram, Dietary fiber 2.4 grams, sugar 10.6 grams, Protein 0.3 grams, calcium 6.1 grams and potassium 109.1 milligrams. These values may vary according to the weight of an apple we have just mentioned the average values.

We can store apple at room temperature for three to four days, but if anyone wants to store it for a longer period of time then refrigerator is the best option. In the refrigerator, we can store apple for three to four weeks, but doctors prefer not to store fruits for a long time because the fresh fruit is more healthy and effective than the stored one. Avoid buying that piece which has pressure mark over the upper surface because it may contain any microscopic organism which causes diarrhea or food poisoning. Before eating, wash the apple with plenty of fresh water and remove all the dust particles as well as dust stains over its surface. The preferred way of eating an apple is to peel off its skin and cut it into pieces this can expose the inner condition of an apple because the fruit gets contaminated from the inner side if it gets old.

The growth of apple fruit crops is very massive that’s why it is available in all seasons. But the chances of contamination are very heavy on apple fruit crops, so farmers use a heavy amount of pesticides on it which are not eatable or sometimes poisonous. The most often used pesticides are organic phosphorous and organic chloride. That’s why doctors recommend cleaning apple with plenty of fresh water thoroughly to avoid stomach infection, food poisoning, and diarrhea.