How many calories in an egg?

How many calories in an egg

Egg is very nutritious and healthy part of our diet. It can also be helpful for those who are willing to lose weight, for loosing fat and muscles strength it is recommended. Eggs are of different kinds and type but mostly people use egg of chicken because it is disease free and has enough nutrition that a human body can digest easily.

The egg of a chicken is oval in shape and has three parts or we can say that three layers first layer is a shield which protects the inner layers from contamination. This shell is made up of protein, but can’t eatable. The other two layers are Egg white and inner most egg yolk.

How many calories in an egg? It depends upon the size of the egg. The median average sized egg contains seventy to seventy five calories while the small average sized egg contains fifty to fifty five and large sized egg contains about eighty five calories. But mostly we don’t measure egg sizes or count calories we just buy an easily available box of eggs and assume medium average sized calories.

Eggs are used for many purposes like internal as well as external use. As external use its effects are very quick, we can observe the results within few days after applying it on certain part of the body in some case results are very prominent within several hours instead of days or weeks.

External Application of Eggs:

For hair: If your hair is getting rough, dry or weak, then you should apply egg on it, because as mentioned earlier that egg is enriched with protein and this protein is same as our hair required. First, you should have two eggs and any hair oil, the full treatment procedure is as follows:

  1. Break the shells of two eggs
  2. Take out the yolks
  3. Put some hair oil in it
  4. Shake it gently
  5. Now your treatment “Eggs plus hair oil” conditioner is ready
  6. Apply it on your hair especially on roots and leave it for 20 minutes

After 20-30 minutes you can wash your hair with normal hot water and let them dry After this treatment you will feel you hair very smooth, shiny and glowing.

You can follow this procedure twice a week and your hair will become more healthy and beautiful.

For Face: You can use egg white as a face wash, it smoothens your facial skin and close the pores so that this face wash is used as an anti aging treatment for your skin. Put egg white in your palm and add some water over it and rub it, when leather comes out apply it on your face as a cleanser for two to three minutes and wash your face with water. Suddenly you will feel the results.

Egg yolk has Vitamin A with high quantity and it can be used as a moisturizer for your facial skin, so you can make a general face wash with it for any type of skin just by adding some water in it.

As Glue: If you are doing art work with chart paper or shinny paper sheets and during work you are running out of glue so don’t worry because the egg white is a best glue as it’s dry.

For plants: If you take full boiled egg in breakfast so don’t waste the water in which you boiled egg because the shell of an egg has a large amount of calcium and it is very useful for plant heath. First boil eggs and after that let the water cold and put the water in plants.

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