How Many Calories in a Slice of Pizza from Different Pizzerias is Healthy


Before knowing how many calories in a slice of pizza make us fat, it is imperial to know what a pizza is. Pizza, a fast food taken by most of us is basically an Italian dish. Topped with chicken, beef or any other sort of meat, veggies and cheese makes everyone drool over it. However, the base of the pizza is flat bread. Once the topping is done and everything is set, it is baked for quite some time till the cheese melts and bread is baked.  This tasty meal is a call for a feast and is enjoyed thoroughly. Despite all its tasty toppings and spices, it has a considerate amount of calories. Besides that, it also has good nutritional value.

Three components of a good pizza:

We can always answer the question, how many calories in a slice of pizza, on the basis of three agents a good pizza has.

  1. Crust: it is the core element of a pizza without which it can’t be made.
  2. Sauce: every pizza outlet or franchise has its own blend of spices to make an authentic pizza sauce.
  3. Cheese: what type of cheese you use in the pizza really matters.


Nutritional facts:

Calories in a slice of pizza depends on the toppings and the amount of cheese used. Here is a rough estimation of calories which are found in a slice of pizza.

  • 272 calories are there in a 103 g slice of pizza.
  • Carbohydrates are 33.56 grams.
  • 8 grams of fiber.
  • Sodium is 551 grams.
  • 27 grams of protein are present too.
  • Cholesterol is 22 mg in 103 gram slice of pizza.
  • 35 grams of saturated fat.

Minerals and vitamins in pizza:

103 grams of pizza slice of pizza has:

  • Selenium – 45.8%
  • Vitamin B-12 – 23.8%
  • Riboflavin – 39.8%
  • Folate – 24%
  • Phosphorus – 31.1%
  • Niacin – 21.1%
  • Calcium – 14%
  • Thiamin – 29.2%
  • Iron – 12.2%
  • Zinc – 12.8%

What you should consider while having a slice of pizza?

Before having all those yummy little pieces of chicken and other topping, you should consider the question. The query on how many calories in a slice of pizza id worth consuming on regular basis. It is said that a pizza slice has 30% of saturated fat and 13% of only fat and 7.3% of sodium. What does the calorie check suggests us is the take of being careful. People who suffer from obesity, heart or cholesterol issues shouldn’t take pizza too often. It can become the source of further risky health concerns.


How many calories in a slice of pizza in different pizzerias?

When people were asked about the calories they take from a single slice of pizza, they had no clue. According to them it ranged from 120 to 1,200 calories with some amount of fat. Sadly, they were not right on their guesses. Every slice of pizza contains different calories, based on the topping which came in one slice and not on the other one. Here is what we have found about different pizzerias:

  1. California Pizza:

California Pizza and Pintaile’s Pizza are lighter and smaller in size as compared to other pizzerias. Therefore, less amount of calories is there in these pizzas.

  1. Original Ray’s Pizza:

Original’s Ray has least consumed oil and fat in their pizzas. One of their pizzas flavors called Garden De Lite has only 481 calories.

  1. Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s Pizza has around 350 calories in their slice of pizza. Pizza Hut confessed to use around 250 calories in a slice of pizza.

  1. Godfather’s Pizza:

Their pizza slice contains 270 calories.

Different toppings and calories:

Pizza is something which we can’t ignore even when we are on diet. Pizzerias have considered the matter and have started introducing pizzas with low fat and calories. Here is a great news revealed in the same regard.

  1. For dieters:

Frozen pizzas have made life easy in today’s fast paced world. One 9 inch pizza with only cheese as a topping contains:

Calories – 760

Fats – 480

Here is some further information:

  • Fat – 32 gram
  • Saturated fat – 16 gram
  • Cholesterol – 80 mg
  • Fiber – 6 gram
  • Sodium – 1,420 mg
  • Protein – 38 gram
  • A 9 inch pizza has 2000 calories.

Although, certain value checks cannot be ignored. But, in this special case where you know the calorie count and almost everything, you can treat yourself on pizza. Nevertheless, the need of maintaining the nutrients and not just the calorie count, it is always good to go for veggie and cheese pizza.

  1. Pan pizza from Pizza Hut:

How many calories in a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut denotes the following value check:

  1. 6 inch pizza:

The toppings of cheese and veggie on a 6 inch pizza from Pizza Hut:

  • Total calories – 590
  • Fat calories – 210
  • Peperoni in the 6 inch pizza – 610 calories
  • Fat in the Pepperoni pizza – 240 calories
  • Meat topping pizza from Pizza Hut (6 inch) – total 830 calories
  • Oil and fat in the meaty pizza (6 inch) – 410 calories
  • Triple meat topped pizza of 6 inch – 730 total calories
  • Fats in triple meat topped pizza – 330 calories
  • Pineapple and ham pizza – 550 calories in total
  • Fats in the pineapple pizza from Pizza Hut (6 inch) – 180 calories
  1. 9 inch pizza:

Total calories in the 9 inch pizza from Pizza Hut is 1,100. Out of which 410 calories are from fat.

  • Veggie lover pizza – 1010 total calories
  • Fat – 340 calories
  • Meat pizza from Pizza Hut (9 inch) – 1100 total calories
  • Fat from met pizza (9 inch) – 430 calories
  • Pineapple and ham pizza – 1020 total calories
  • Fats from pineapple and ham pizza (9 inch) – 330 calories

Exclusive report on cheese pizza of Domino’s:

Domino’s Pizza is famous all around the world. It has pasta, sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza and breadsticks in the menu. Although the sound is too tempting, we should know the calorie count.

10 inch pizza:

A pizza with 8 slices and loads of red sauce and cheese is calculated with around 375 calories.

Last verdict:

To conclude, we can tell how many calories in a slice of pizza is good for you. Let you be the person who is on diet or the pizza lover. It is something you can’t ignore!!