How long does nicotine stay in your system

How Long Does Nicotine Stay in your System

Nicotine and certain drugs take toll in our system and never claim to leave the infectious selves. Why? Ever wondered what actually makes it so addictive that even when we want to quit on it we can’t? Isn’t it a bit too painful to help others and not trying to help ourselves? It is all because we don’t know the implications of nicotine in our system. Only if we know how long does nicotine stay in your system, we will learn a lot and get enough motivation to go for it.

Nicotine and tobacco:

We all know that nicotine is an ingredient which is used in cigarettes. Besides that it is also used in other tobacco and nicotine inhaling mediums like cigar and pipe. What actually happens when you inhale cigarette is nothing new but old. A fairly good amount of nicotine is inhaled and taken to the system, making it run in the blood. Naturally, when you try to cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, it is hard in the start. Therefore, it requires a lot of motivation to do so.

What we know is nicotine stays in the system for some time. This time factor is determined on the basis of a lot of reasons and factors. Those factors could be:

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke in 24 hours’ time?
  • What sort of tests do you go for? (In order to measure the stay of nicotine in the system).
  • The amount of nicotine is present in a fag.

How long does nicotine stay in your system?

Various test patterns are followed to come to the conclusion of the percentage of nicotine in a system. We can check it through saliva, urine, blood and hair. Let’s discuss each in detail.

  1. Nicotine measured through hair:

A relatively expensive test which is used to check nicotine in a system. This test is best to know couple of things. Among which few are:

  • It gives an idea if the person is hooked on to it recently or not.
  • Nicotine in system is found through hair follicle because of the fact that it carries into hair only when nicotine is taken for more than 5 years.

Method of testing:

  1. Taking hair samples from any part of the body or head in particular is the first step to it.
  2. After collecting hair, you have to send it to laboratory for examination.
  3. Follicles can be tested after quitting smoking and/or during the period of smoking. It is basically to check how long does nicotine stay in your system.
  1. Finding of nicotine through blood test:

Blood test to check on how long does nicotine stay in system is considered the finest test. All you have to do is to give blood sample. That sample of blood is send to the lab. Over there experts find out the tracings of nicotine. It usually takes maximum three days to wear off the sign of nicotine in the system. However, this is only possible when the smoker stops taking fags (filled with tobacco or nicotine).

  1. Another method is through urine test:

To find the answer of how long does nicotine stay in your system by using the urine test as a measure, is the most common pick by the doctors, smokers and officials who want to get it examined. What happens in this test is simple: blood sample is taken, in which a test strip is dipped for 5 minutes. Later, it either comes positive or negative.

You can’t investigate nicotine in urine within first 3 days of quitting on the tobacco and nicotine merchandises. 15 to 20 days is the time slot in which an expert can dig to the core of finding nicotine in the system.

  1. Saliva and the nicotine in the system:

This is a test particularly designed to look for the stay of nicotine, cotinine and metabolite. Saliva test for checking on the stay of nicotine in a system is based on the following testing procedure:

Firstly, the sample of saliva is collected in a container. Like urine testing method, in this test also, a strip is dipped in the saliva. Unlike urine, the strip is soaked for good 20 minutes in the saliva. Later, the results show the amount of nicotine which is consumed by the smoker.

This test is best for those individuals who want to show clear and pass the test when they have stopped smoking for past four days.

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