How long does it take to pass a kidney stone?


The human body has a pair of kidneys. They help in the removal of organic material from the blood; this organic material contains the waste products that are left after metabolism. The basic functions of kidneys are urine formation, regulation of electrolyte, maintain the acid balance and control blood pressure of our body. Kidneys are just like a filter for the blood stream, and it remove the wastes that can easily dissolve in water and reroute it to the bladder. Urine is divided into two portions first is access of water and second is salts (ammonia and urea are the main components).

A kidney stone is a deposit of minerals / organic material in the kidney or close to the urinary bladder. Mostly people have kidney stones, according to research one out of every twenty people is caused by this kind of kidney problem. When urine stream passes through the kidney some minerals remain there usually these minerals are very small in size but sometimes due to some medical issues the mineral deposit gets larger in size and may cause the blockage in the stream of urine. Due to this blockage, the kidney does not perform a proper function and patient feel a lot of pain. Whenever resistance against urine occurs by the stone in kidney the patient feels waves of pain for twenty to thirty minutes.

The deposit of minerals or stone is usually developed when a number of minerals in the urine become higher as compared to the normal range. And the amount of those salts increases when we eat certain food more frequently which has those kinds of substances like phosphorus, calcium and oxalate. But according to scientists, this is not the reason of kidney stone. Usually, those people who don’t drink liquids more often their urine is more concentrated. This may cause kidney stone with high risk.

There are many symptoms of the existence of kidney stone but generally most of the time people face the following conditions; while urination they feel pain in the urinary bladder, some of them feel swear pain in lower abdomen, some experience nausea and vomit condition with a lot of pain. The time period of this pain is about twenty to thirty minutes or may be very short like for few minutes. However, some people have no symptoms but they may have very small sized stones that can easily pass through during the urination process.

How long does it take to pass a kidney stone? It depends on the size of the stone if the size is small it can easily pass out just with medication while the larger sized stone need shock wave lithotripsy or ureteroscopy. Small sized stone can easily pass through by urination but medicines for pain relief and drinking a lot of liquid is required. For large sized stone, there are two procedures first is lithotripsy and second are ureteroscopy. In first procedure urologist uses a machine called lithotripter to break the large stone in small pieces by the shock wave which is generated by lithotripter and after that these stone pass through by the urination within few days. The second procedure urologist breaks the stone by the beam of laser energy into very small pieces and these pieces are taken out from the body during the urination process.





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