What Muscles do Pull Ups Work Out?

what muscles do pull ups work

The best exercise to gain muscle weight, endurance and threshold is what pull up work out does. What muscles do pull ups work out is something which we need to understand before we actually go in-depth study of types of pull ups work out.

What is pull ups work out?

It is an exercise which works on the upper body. Pull ups work out are important for few reasons:

  • It increases shoulder belt and maintains the stability.
  • Strengthens the muscles of upper body.
  • Helps in boosting the energy particularly for sports.
  • Overall activities duration is prolonged due to endurance level.

Besides these few reasons to give an idea of the vitality, there are many other ways through which these exercises help in addressing the welfare of an individual.

What muscles do pull ups work out?

Muscles which are directly associated with pull ups work out are trapezius; both the lower and middles ones, major and minor pectoralis, latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, brachialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor digitorum profundus, rhomboids, erector spinae, teres major, palmaris longus, flexor pollicis longus, etc.

Exercises which are best for pull ups work out:

What muscles do pull ups work out is mentioned above. Pull ups work out is a generic term which encompasses several types of exercises. However, these exercises are linked to the upper portion of the body keeping certain muscles play their roles. Few of the many types are wide grip pull ups, under hand grip pull ups, close grip pull ups and gorilla crunch.


  1. Wide grip pull ups:

Wide grip pull ups work out is best for lats. The method of doing it is:

  • Take a very firm grip on a bar keeping hands far from each other.
  • Let the body hang but make sure that your hands are very straight and not bend by any means.
  • The next step is to allow yourself going upward as in forcing yourself enough to pull your weight.
  • How would you know that you are performing it the way it is supposed? For that be observant if your chin is ending towards the bar. And the body is almost touching the bar.
  1. Under hand grip pull ups:

Under hand grip pull ups are also referred as “chins”. How these are performed is what you need to know. Keeping one hand under the body and hanging yourself against the bar is what this work out is about.

  • Hold the bar from back side, let’s call it from reverse.
  • Maintain the gap between your hands.
  • Hang yourself the way you did in the wide grip pull ups.
  • Make sure that the muscles are tight enough and not too loose because it will certainly cause stress on shoulders otherwise.
  • Then focus on the muscles (back muscles, lat and biceps) and force enough to touch the bar; either by the chin or chest.
  1. Gorilla crunch:

Abdominal muscles and biceps are emphasized on this particular exercise. It is more like chin exercise. However, there is a slight difference in this exercise. Instead of straight legs, here in this exercise you have to bend your legs to the 90 degree position.

All in all, the information regarding types of pull ups exercises are the custodian of healthy living.