Normal Fasting Blood Sugar and Maintaining Health Concerns

normal fasting blood sugar

What is gestational diabetes?

Diabetes is a major concern as it plays a vital role in the functionality of a human body. However, a new term is used medically to distinguish its presence during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is what it is referred by the doctors. For which normal fasting blood sugar tests are required. Moreover, till date, according to the research and studies, the total percentage of effected ones is between five and nine. Naturally, these all are pregnant women. If the pregnant woman had diabetes before pregnancy, the level may increase or even decrease. Normally, in that case it is aggravated. As a result, both mother and the baby can be affected.

Risk factors involved in gestational diabetes:

Normal fasting blood sugar is something very important. Health concerns always bring some sort of risk to the body. Let alone be the special case where woman gets pregnant and then the persecution of being trivially taken care. The foremost issues which a person faces while gestational diabetes are worth knowing. Some of them are:

  • Inherited malfunctions
  • Defects during the developmental stages of baby in the womb
  • After birth, infants have tendency to get diagnosed with diabetes
  • Extreme growth of fetus
  • Gestational diabetes makes the delivery of the baby very difficult so much so that C-Section is carried out
  • Women with gestational diabetes experience shortage of oxygen and find difficulty in breathing
  • Jaundice is also experienced by many of those who have gestational diabetes

Finding and diagnosis of gestational diabetes:

Diagnosis of the gestational diabetes is possible through sugar test. This specific test is run between 24 and 28 week of pregnancy. How it is carried out is the next question to answer. A sugar solution is drank by the patent. After an hour it is checked. If level exceeds 130 mg, the doctor will send you to another test which is executed while you are fasting. Again, if the result reads more than 95 mg in start, goes up to 180 mg after an hour, 155 mg after two hours and eventually 140 mg after three hours then only gestational diabetes is confirmed.

Sugar level in pregnant women:

Normal fasting blood sugar in the regular physiological changes or normal circumstances is quite important to be watched and recorded. Likewise, it is extremely essential to keep an eye on the fluctuating of blood sugar throughout pregnancy. If the needful is done on time without any procrastination, it will indeed save the child and your health in long run. Why pregnant women are more prone to get diabetes in these semesters is quite understood. It is the most wanted phase of life where people expect another family member and tend to do all what is told by friends and family. At times, they are told to act upon instructions which actually leave mark in the end. Mark, not literally but metaphorically.

sugar level in pregnant women

These women are told to take sugar when they crave for it without any parameters. Negating to the take of them, we don’t recommend preggy women go for it. That’s the prime reason why pregnancy gets difficult when gestational diabetes is developed. Besides the sugar level and its fluctuation, hormonal changes are observed in a pregnant body. It clearly reveals the absorption of insulin by the females.

So, here comes the last verdict…

Many health concerns in the later life of women and the child can be tackled by maintaining levels of blood sugar. It is imperial to take care of the situations beforehand and see a physician or doctor in case of emergency.