How to Pass a 5 Panel Drug Test Successfully

5 panel drug test

Introduction to the 5 panel drug test:

Like the name suggests, 5 panel drug test is a set of tests which covers 5 different drugs. This is to ensure that the drugs which fall in the same categories are tested. But here, at this point it becomes necessary to understand how to pass a 5 panel drug test. Let alone be the successful results and founding, what is imperial is the right source. The source from where you are getting it done.  We also need to know integrities of who wants us to get it tested.

So, the answer to how to pass this test is explained in this article. Along with that, certain other factors are explained to keep in mind while going to a test. Secondly, authorities like in the governmental sector and employers like to testify. Rectification of individuals who are concerned directly or indirectly are mostly the ones who get 5 panel drug test carried out.

What does 5 panel drug test affirm?

It is carried out in a body by the help of urine sample. A five panel dug test is used for:

  • To detect opiates in the body.
  • PCP
  • Spot the founding of cocaine.
  • Amphetamines is another drug which is tested through it.
  • It verifies that the individual is fit and healthy for the appointed job.

Steps to follow to determine the drug intake:

There are situations in which it is not much necessary to know how to pass a 5 panel drug test. Purpose being, you don’t use any of the drugs which are tested in a 5 panel drug test. Instead, you are on pot. A person who uses it for multiple reasons. Here are some factors which you should know prior going for a drug test:

  1. Consume Niacin:

For the accurate test and not being weird, take Niacin. It is a combination of Vitamin B. Niacin assists in playing transparent.

  1. Drink, drink and drink it all way through:

Drink and drink it all the way till your bladder is about to burst. Then after urinating, drink more water. It is naturally for a reason. Which is to subside the use of marijuana. It is said that if we consume more than 500 milliliter then the chances of marijuana’s stay in the system collapses.  Once the sample is given in the lab, you have to wait for the result. If the result is less than 15ng then it is a failure. What we look for is the test where we get the result in the range of 50 level.

  1. Aspirin a good agent:

Aspirin is a safeguard when it comes to passing a drug test. Obviously when you pee all the time just to wash away the drugs in the system, then it becomes quite painful. To avoid this situation, aspirin does wonders. Headaches, nausea and agitation is somewhat tackled by aspirin. The main function of this pill is to make the blood thinner. The probability of passing a drug test remains 90% open for a negative result. So, take it at least 6 to 8 hours before going for a drug test.

  1. How to pee in a cup?

How to pass a 5 panel drug test is very much like passing a drug test of any nature. For that, you have to make sure that the urine sample which you give for the test is not the first one in the morning. As an alternative, you should rather go for the third or fourth one in the day.

  1. Which urine sample to give for test?

The best way to give urine for any sort of test is to follow the steps given below:

  • Sit on the pot and pee for a second or less.
  • Make sure that the first few drops or stream or urine is wasted.
  • Place the cup or container in which you will collect urine sample under the exact position of v***
  • Then collect sample of the middle stream.

Never to do list:

It is significant to know what one not do before going for the drug test. Some of them are:

  1. Don’t smoke:

The easiest way to pass a 5 panel drug test is by avoiding smoking. Weed, cocaine, hash, or any other which are detected in the test is a bad call. In fact a call for disaster. It will not help you out!! And the result will be a big failure.

  1. Cleansers and the use:

Wasting money on cleansers in another bad idea. Why? Because, most of them contain diuretics. Apart from this one ingredient it contains liquids which only makes you pee a lot. Indeed it helps in two things: washing out drugs and cleaning your system.

  1. Be sensible:

Before going to give the sample of urine, make sure that you are not high!! You are sober and active to deal with the stressful situation.

How to pass the test?

There are three ways to pass a drug test. They are:

  • Urine test
  • Hair follicle test
  • Saliva test
  • Common way to find drugs in the system.

Method number one is based on urine test. You can give urine sample, however, be sure about the right laboratory to go to. The one which are licensed or registered are the best ones. Also for the safety purpose, write all those medications which you take. At times what happens is the detection of ingredients in the prescribed medicines which are mistaken as drugs. Method number two is about saliva test. It is the best way to detect drug use. It shows the result of what the person has taken four hours ago. These tests are relatively cheaper and more accurate according to many. Method number three is about hair follicle. Blood vessels circulate drugs metabolism in the head which are cleaned through hair.


All you have to do is to improve on the habits, not to smoke anything at least 24 to 34 hours before the test. Also be sure about the situations in which drug tests are carried out.