Benadryl Dosage for Kids

Benadryl dosage for kids helps your child’s allergic symptoms. Benadryl is also available in generic form, alternatively known as Diphenhydramine. The generic type is sold over-the-counter under recommended dose.

The dosage for children is not based on age but rather on weight of the baby. However, this should not substitute what your doctor prescribes for your child, and you should consult the pediatric in case you do not know what is best for your child. Benadryl is available in tablet, chewable, and liquid form. The chewable type is not recommended for children under 18 months, as it may be chocking and hazardous for use.

Benadryl dosage for kids depends on weight:

There are common dose guides used in children. To confirm your child’s dose, check their weight in the dosage guide provided by your pediatric, and read across the proper dose for the medicine. If you do not know their weight or they are too young to stand in the weighing scale, stand with your child and check the total weight. Then weigh your weight, and subtract the two to get a fair weight for your child. Some pharmacists recommend higher or lower dosage for benedryl. To be on the safer side, confirm the details from the pediatric to avoid risking your child’s health.

Some of the abbreviation used on this medication include:

  • tsp for teaspoon
  • ml for milliliter
  • mg used for milligram
  • cc used for cubic centimeter and
  • dppr for dropper full
  • 1 tsp is equivalent 5 cc
  • 1 cc is equivalent to 1 ml

Tips to keep your child safe from overdosing

  1. Note that Benadryl is sedative and care should be observed not to overdose children.
  2. Children under 1 year should never take benadryl dosage, without the doctor’s knowledge.
  3. It is recommended every six hours, and never exceed four doses within 24 hours.
  4. Read the label before giving it to the patient because different medicines have different concentrations.
  5. Always measure the dose using the device that comes with the medication, so that over-dosing is avoided. Most medications come with their droppers or measuring cup and they should never be interchanged from one medicine to another.
  6. Watch out and know when to call the doctor for emergency. The conditions to watch out for include severe hives, flushed skin color, trouble breathing, excessive sleepiness, low response. If any of these happen, consult the health profession as soon a possible.
  7. The proper Benadryl dosage for kids should be below the child’s weight according to medication concentration product type.

How safe is Benadryl to children?


Before using Benadryl for babies, it is important to check with the physician for any possible side effects. The only known side effect is that it causes sleepiness. Therefore take the baby for dose evaluation once allergic symptoms are noticed.

Other considerations for travel seduction
-If planning for a long travel, have shorter trips for one or two hours to prepare your child for longer rides
– Carry along your child’s favorite healthy snacks
– To keep your child entertained, bring some books, toys, or car games to entertain your child.
– Take drive breaks and let your child get out from the car-seat environment.