Simple Mobile Customer Service – Online and Mobile Services


What exactly is simple mobile customer service?

Simple mobile is a prepaid mobile operating service company that was acquired by America Movil for some 4 years ago. The headquarters of this mobile network company are situated in Irvine, California. Simple mobile customer service is the company commenced its business in the year 2009 and have managed to reach a whopping figure of 2.5 million subscribers. Simple Mobile customer service include, the wireless audio, texting and data packages to the consumers of United States. At the initial stage of the company, they provided the monthly prepaid offers which included the infinite messaging, audio call, and some limited data package. After one year, Simple Mobile customer service offers the infinite data package on their monthly packages. In just two years, in 2011, Simple Mobile opened its one millionth subscriber account.

Online mobile customer service:

Any company that provides some sort of services requires the support department in order to provide solution to its customers. Simple Mobile Customer Service is amongst the most efficient and effective department of the company. Simple Mobile Customer Service has provided its online portal to provide customer services. Chat now option is given on the website of the company. This interaction of chatting is only possible between the timings of 8 am till the midnight and this service is available for all the 7 days of a week. This enables the customers to find their solution fast and in a mobile manner. You don’t have to come to any place or call someone, you just need an internet connection and any device that is compatible with internet. This chat now feature is also very easy to use. A pop-up window will appear and you just need to enter your details to confirm your identity as a customer. Unfortunately, only customers are allowed to use this feature as it requires the cell number or the serial number.

Social Media Congruent

The company, is utilizing the social media as a tool to provide support to its existing customers. It also enabling the company to make a contact with their customers in an informal manner so that each customer can file any report freely and without any organizational constraints. You can find Simple Mobile Facebook page where you can post your query.

FAQ Section

The most vital part of customer service of the company comprised of the section on its website called FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. It has been divided into different categories so that the customer can easily find the relevant question. These questions ae updated frequently to make it more useful for the customers.


Simple Mobile customer service are flourishing as their subscribers are increasing. One of the main reasons of this success, is the retention of the customers. Company has been improving its customer service to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Each customer is given an undivided attention and care while resolving its query.