Before and After Steps on How to Take Care of a Tattoo

how to take care of a tattoo

Tattoos and piercing on any part of the body requires some time, care and attention. If anything goes wrong during first week, then you should know how to deal with it. Likewise, in this article what we have gathered for you is information on how to take care of a tattoo.

Basic instructions on how to take care of a tattoo:

Hypothetically speaking, you have just returned from the tattoo shop. There is a cute little butterfly right on the nape. How will you take care of it? Many people simply do following things:

  • Tie hair in a pony so that it doesn’t touch the tattoo.
  • They make sure that their hands are sterilized which means they are washed. After washing they use sterilizing solution.
  • Naturally, the bandage remains there on the tattoo. Removing it carefully is the tip number one. What you are supposed to do is to remove it slowly. Not allowing the skin tear is the game to win. Also, removing it within an hour is the best time. Let it be under air. Last but not the least, don’t try replacing the bandage.
  • Ensure that your soap is antibacterial. The cloth with which you will wipe it should be soft. Also, exfoliating agents should be kept miles away from tattoo. Bare hands (which are cleaned before touching it) works best.

And now your tattoo is a day old:

Considering your tattoo is a day old and still you are confused as to how to take care of a tattoo, you should:

  • Skin ointments are readily available. Get one and rub it lightly on the surface of the tattoo. But, you also need to make sure that you are not allergic to it, because you don’t want to make it worse. Touching the same finger from which you touched tattoo is a call for worsening tattoo. Why? It may infect and cause infection.
  • Say NO to Vaseline, balms and petroleum jelly.
  • Washing and cleaning the tattoo after every two hours is recommended.
  • To avoid bleeding and getting it all soak in it, wear saran wrap. You need to do this on the very first night before going to sleep.
  • Never put cotton pads, bandages or materials on the tattoo. It is because the healing process slows down. And you want it to get healed faster.

Your baby tattoo is 5 days old:

The tattoo will start peeling off which is pretty much normal. So, don’t panic!! Stay calm and use lotion which is scent free. You have to apply lotion twice in a day for at least 14 to 15 days. At this point, you must understand how to take care of a tattoo by following:

  • Avoid peeling, touching it unnecessarily, rubbing or scratching.
  • Don’t let tattoo go under water. Yes, you are right! It means you can’t swim, bathe, soak yourself in tub or enjoy Jacuzzi baths.

Put ice cubes on tattoo if it hurts or has swelling around.