texting games to play with

Texting is one of the purest means to connect with people we love. Purest? Yes, it is purest when you can’t go to the person physically or have other ways to stay connected. Best friends are always considered to have the least worrisome lives. They can cheer each other and make dull moments lively. Keeping the traditional phone cells used before the inception of smart phones, we have created a list of texting games to play with your best friend forever.

Building Stories through Messages / Texts:

Developing stories is quite fun at times. This texting game serves best for those who are not really into building characters, plots, and themes on their own. This is how you can play the game:
1. The first person is used in the opening sentence.
2. The second person can think of a sentence and make it more meaningful.
3. The first person will take it forward.
4. And then the second one will play his/her turn.
You can play this game for days. Sometimes it takes more than 2 or 3 days to complete a whole story. Other times, it can be concluded on the very same day. What really matters is the completion of the story. In short, it is all about creativity.

Enrichment of Vocabulary:

One of the texting games to play with your BFF is WORD LIST or building blocks of vocabulary. The main purpose of the game is to learn new words, their meanings and usage of them in sensible sentences. Variations can make the texting game more enjoyable. Naturally, strong usage of words come with age and maturity. So, obviously, words can be as simple as “fun” to as complicated as “nostalgia”. Follow the instructions for the execution of game:

  1. You think of a word and ask the friend to tell its synonym.
  2. You can fix the rules before playing the game: to use the dictionary or thesaurus or not, points to make sure who wins the game, etc.
  3. Then the second person can ask to tell an antonym or take another word. This again is based on the rules.
  4. Calculations of points is done in the end. The one who has more points will win the game.

There can be two or more players in the game. Modifications can be related to making sentences of the given word, come up with 2 or 3 synonyms or similar options.

What If??

Another texting game to play with your best friend forever is WHAT IF?? Well, it is about giving a scenario or situation. Then asking the friend to tell what he/she would have done in the given condition. This game enables to know more about the friend, her/his interests and about preferences. Moreover, it is going to be best regarding understanding perceptions, beliefs, philosophies of life.
How to play the game?
1. You give the scenario. For example, I went to the market. There were chips, candies, and colas.
2. The friend will answer and then ask another question.
3. WHAT IF?? Can have different replies which might be wrong too. But it is always fun to talk to friends and get to know them well.
This game is suitable for all ages and either gender. It hardly consumes brain and helps in the procedure of understanding the person.


All in all, there are several games which can be played to know the person and her or his interests, etc. Texting games is played with boyfriend, girlfriend, spouses, college mates, best friends, etc.

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